So Your Computer Doesn't Work And You Can't Find A Teenager

So Your Computer Doesn't Work And You Can't Find A Teenager

by Karen and Erica

We all use many devices to communicate, get information, and entertain ourselves. But many of us grew up when computers were room-sized, the only personal device anyone had was a watch, Steve Jobs was just beginning to change the world (he was born in 1955) and the internet was a dream (the World Wide Web was invented in 1990).

So, many of us have no idea what to do when one of our devices acts up. We may kick it or throw something at it, which is satisfying but usually won’t actually fix the thing. A teenager could help, but not all of us have access to one. So we may need to get someone to help. You might be surprised how many things can be fixed remotely. Try that first. But who to call?

We have compiled a list of resources available in the New York area. Some of the links suggest cost, but that can be hard to predict, given the many weird ways these things can fail. We cannot confirm that any and all of the companies on these various lists will fix what’s broken, or that they employ only nice people, but this seems a decent place to start. We welcome your comments, and any additions that you might recommend.

First, if you want to set up the Cadillac of systems, and to know who to call whenever something goes wrong, try Electronic Design Group. Top of the line.

If your system is already up and running, and you don’t need comprehensive service, have a look at these options.

  • This is a list of five techie companies that will come to you, with prices. We admit to being intrigued by the New York Geek Girls. You don’t see too many women in this field, and everyone in this company seems multitalented.

  • Here’s another list, compiled after an apparently broad survey. There are lot of these people!

  • We’ve all heard of Best Buy’s Geek Squad. For $199.99 yearly you can get Total Tech Support. They will come to your home to support your tech, no matter where you bought it.

  • ProMacNYC has a very long list of what it can accomplish. We don’t know enough to ask for most of this stuff, but they do.

  • Hello Tech is a national company with service in New York. Customer reviews seem good.

  • And who knew about this Amazon service?

Good luck! Let everyone know how things worked out, and whether you have recommendations based on good personal experience. We’re in this world now!

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