Seven Binge-Worthy Shows You May Not Know--And Several You Know Well

Seven Binge-Worthy Shows You May Not Know--And Several You Know Well

By Erica and Karen

It is still summer and some of you are living the post-career life, so you can binge shows on your favorite device. Here are some you know about, and some you may not, that are worthy of your hard-earned time.

Among those that everyone is talking about are these. First, Russell Crowe’s performance in The Loudest Voice (Showtime) is unspeakably creepy, brilliant, thought provoking and scary. The script and cast are a match for his talent. Season Two of Big Little Lies was disappointing (except for the penultimate episode), but watching the performances of actresses like Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep at the top of their game nonetheless gave pleasure. And Chernobyl is a horrifying political/science mystery tour de force.

We can’t wait for Season 2 of Bodyguard, The Kominsky Method and Succession. And Seasons 5 of Billions and 6 of Grace and Frankie.

We are always on the lookout for new amusements that may not be the talk of the town but are gems waiting to be found. These are on the top of our list. Please add yours in the Comment section below!

Call My Agent. A French series (with subtitles, but we promise they are not distracting!) about a small talent agency that represents a stable of actors and actresses with compelling quirks and demands and stories. The actors are fabulous, the production values beautiful (Paris looks gorgeous), and the story line so delicious that we watched all three seasons straight through. (Netflix)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (two seasons) and its sequel Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries (so far, one season). A very campy Australian series featuring two stunning actresses playing intrepid and glamorous detectives who break through sexist barriers and use their female instincts and wiles to solve bizarre crimes. The first Miss Phryne Fisher operates in 1920’s Melbourne. She and it are stunning. The second Ms. Fisher, Peregrine, follows in her aunt’s footsteps in the 1960’s. Also stunning. And fun. And evocative of that era. (Acorn)

NB: Acorn TV is the repository of the best of TV in Britain and beyond. NPR calls it the “Netflix for Anglophiles.” Among the treasures to explore, one that could be easily missed is Jenny, starring Lee Remick as Churchill’s mother. It’s an old one, so the production is a little fuzzy but it’s a delight. Not surprising that a strong and fascinating woman bred a man like Winston.

Another campy Australian—Offspring. An obstetrician and a large and obstreperous family.

The Cold War. Set in 1950’s Poland, a beautiful story, smartly written, about an improbable and impossible romance. (Amazon Prime).

The Rolling Thunder Revue. A film by Martin Scorsese about Dylan and his post-protest life and the music tour in 1975-6. The tour was a financial flop at the time and we don’t even remember it, but if you grew up with Dylan, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and that entire era, you will not only be mesmerized but you will also appreciate why Dylan is a Nobel-winning poet. (Netflix)

Grandchester. Vicars who solve crimes? And are incredibly good looking? Perfect!

And for those of you who have been in mourning since Downton Abbey ended, September 20, when the movie is released in the U.S., is just around the corner. Or, if you really can’t wait, go to England and see it September 13.

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