Announcing: Lustre Contributors

Announcing: Lustre Contributors

We are excited to announce four new Lustre regular contributors. Joanna Lovering, the founder of Copper + Rise, is an accomplished style coach with extensive experience and a master’s degree in organizational psychology and leadership development. She will write about how style creates both identity and opportunities. Joan Pagano is a health and fitness expert, Her company, joan pagano fitness, has a focus on strength training and healthy aging. She is a motivational speaker and international author and will write about aging robustly. Connie Zuckerman, the founder of agebuzz, is a lawyer and bioethics consultant. Her website and newsletter curate and distill important information about aging from a variety of publications, many of them not widely read. Connie will write about issues are that uniquely relevant to Lustre folks. Finally, Miranda Plunkett is an experienced luxury travel agent who runs a high end travel agency, mlpdestinations. Miranda will tell us about wonderful out of the way places to visit around the world.

Joanna Lovering

Joanna founded Copper + Rise, a New York City-based style coaching service dedicated to personal and professional empowerment. A passionate stylist and trained executive coach, Joanna pairs her seasonal sensibilities with leadership development techniques to help clients rise to the next level. Before launching her own business, she helped transform the employee experience at companies like L’Oreal USA, JetBlue and Daily Burn.

Joanna is a champion of all shapes and sizes and understands that styling is about more than clothes. Her Sort + Shop + Style process helps clients clear self-imposed barriers, find new freedom, and discover true identity through their wardrobes.

Joanna's column, "Rise Into Style," will encompass a variety of subjects related to fashion. She'll share her expert views on trends, the fashion industry, and the psychology of fashion, as well as personal accounts of how fashion has influenced her and those in her life. Feel free to email her at

Joan Pagano

As a health and fitness expert, Joan helps people improve their lives by showing them how to take control of their physical well-being. Whether working with private clients, writing fitness books and articles or speaking to an audience, her focus is on strength-training based exercise programs that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Joan built her fitness training business after becoming certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. Over the last thirty years, she has worked with many extraordinary women and men, ranging in age from their early forties into their nineties, including bankers, real state moguls, physicians, journalists, CEOs and at one time Jacqueline Kennedy and her daughter Caroline. Her seven books on health and fitness, including Strength Training Exercises for Women and 8 Weeks to A Younger Body, have been translated into 17 languages and are sold worldwide. Joan will use her unparalleled experience to guide Lustre women toward healthier, more fit tomorrows, no matter their age.

Connie Zuckerman

Connie fashioned a unique career for herself as a legal and bioethics consultant. After law school she became fascinated by end-of-life issues, and became part of a law and ethics consultation service centered around geriatric patients—at the same time as she was the primary caregiver for her grandparents. She worked at Montefiore and SUNY Downstate, doing clinical consultation, and taught as course in bioethics at Sarah Lawrence. She was then hired to oversee a new program to fund palliative care in hospitals, where she worked until, itching to get back to clinical work, she joined Beth-Israel Hospital to offer ethical consultation in a clinical setting.

After she retired, she started agebuzz, a website and newsletter providing an amazing range of health and other information to enrich our lives as we age. She reads everything, and better yet understands what she is reading and translates for us. She will offer a curated selection of a wide range of topics to Lustre readers.

Miranda Plunkett

Miranda was born and educated in England, lived and worked in Montreal, and then moved to New York. Miranda was one of the first to come up with the idea of a travel search engine, an idea which led to her working for one of the UK’s top luxury tour operators and to becoming their US-based manager. She traveled extensively, leading small group trips to places like Cuba and South America.

Today, Miranda manages her own private travel consultancy business, working with a close network of individual country specialists. She specializes in finding unusual trips and destinations. Current recommendations include Kashmir, the Meroe pyramids and the Torngat Mountains in Labrador. She will offer hidden gems to Lustre readers.

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