Margaret's Blue Wave: Getting Involved

Margaret's Blue Wave: Getting Involved

What’s in a Blue Wave?  The power to change what’s happening in Washington. The power  to get our nation back!  Waves are powerful forces of nature, as hurricanes are proving over and over again.  So, we must make the Blue Wave this fall, with our votes at the mid-term elections. We need to send a powerful, if not electrifying, message to Congress and to the man in the White House that the bullying, cow-towing and horrendous stewardship of this Nation must stop and the principles for which we stand must flourish again.  

But, waves are fickle.  They can gain momentum and then lose it. Given the importance of the Blue Wave this fall, I wanted to do something a little different.  Something to make sure the Blue Wave builds with force in all 50 states and carries a crystal clear message on Election Day.

So, in addition to contributing to various candidates and organizations, I designed three "Blue Wave" Buttons (“BWBs”). A picture of the three BWBs is above. I wear them to work, to the gym, the farmer's market, out of town and around town. People ask me about the BWBs and I remind them of the importance of the upcoming elections. 

My ask: do you know of any local fundraisers who could use 30-40 of these BWBs, either to raise money or to give to donors? Not much money is raised in this fashion but it’s a way of getting people involved and making a statement.

Or, if you want your own BWBs to wear and share with friends, you can buy 2 for $10, 5 for $15 and 10 for $25.  Eighty percent or more of what I raise is going to Blue Wave candidates.

If either works for you, please contact me at  

Thank you. And, if you don't like the idea of the Blue Wave this fall, participate your way.  

Margaret is a friend and former colleague who, upon retirement from PwC, launched a new career and became a certified coach and speaker. She is a long time activist who decided that she needed to do something more. So she did.



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