The Second Shift

The Second Shift

 By Erica and Karen

We have been asked many times for ideas about finding post-career employment. We discovered The Second Shift, and were very impressed with its iconoclastic approach to high end jobs. The approach reflects our conclusions about how to think about the new world of work for people like many of us, who have finished engrossing 24/7 jobs and now want to use our skills and experience in a less intense, but still purposeful, job. Here is our conversation with Jenny Galuzzo, co-founder of The Second Shift.

What is The Second Shift?

The Second Shift is a platform that connects our business partners with the leading network of women working independently. We are designed to help businesses find the talent and skills they need, when they need them.

Why did you start The Second Shift? What was the need you wanted to fill?

My co-founder Gina and I funded the business because we both needed The Second Shift and it didn't exist. We created a tool to keep women like us engaged in the workforce when, for whatever reason, full-time work is not an option or desire. We believe the on-demand economy is a key tool for addressing gender and age diversity in the workforce. By connecting top-quality experts with high-value roles, we are changing work for women and helping businesses thrive.

What kinds of skills are your business partners looking for?

Our members are highly-skilled, rigorously vetted experts with deep experience in marketing, finance, HR, legal, strategy and creative. They are available for short-term projects, parental leave fill-ins, part-time roles, and other flexible opportunities.

Can you generally describe your members and your business partners? Industries? Experience? Job titles?

We work with companies from startups to big tech and finance firms. We are focused on broadly defined marketing, finance, HR, creative and legal verticals. Our members bring 10+ years of expertise and have not left the workforce for significant amounts of time. This is a tool to keep women climbing the ladder and to keep their voices in the workforce. 

How does someone who wants a job apply?

Our application process is fairly simple. Once it is submitted we have a four-step vetting process which includes checking references and a phone interview. If you are interested click here, fill out a member application and start the vetting process. If you have questions please check out our FAQs or email us at

How often is a match made?

Almost every time. As with all consulting negotiations, things are often "hurry up and wait." Our clients come to us for our level of expertise and the ability to have someone walk into their office with the "I can do this" attitude.

Who are your members?

The Second Shift members are women who have successful careers and who join our network to find untraditional work opportunities. For some that means taking project work between full-time jobs; for others, it is a way to move off the full-time track--including some who have come to the end of their careers but still want to find high-level work that is challenging and well paying.

What is the general pay range of the opportunities you offer?

On average, our members charge between $100-200/hour and the average job is $20,000+. We do everything from quick turnaround graphic design, deck creation, market research to part time CFO?CMO roles, board seats and parental leave fill-in positions.


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