Beauty on Demand

Beauty on Demand


A perfect marriage of beauty and tech: the beauty concierge. Book an appointment online for services with service providers who have been vetted wherever you wish-- in your hotel, office or home. What a great idea! We also love the idea of an OpenTable-type app for beauty services--but so far, we only know Ruuby,  and it is only in London. The savings in time and effort are obvious. We need one of those here. 

To book services with a vetted technician, try:

Glamsquad for hair and makeup and nails. They are expanding to the Hamptons this summer.

Vensette is unusual because it allows you to choose from various hair and makeup looks, letting the stylist know exactly what you want. They say they are available 365 days a year, at any hour any day, and that their services each are 45 minutes long. 

BeautyontheGo, Services in NYC, the Hamptons, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, Atlanta and DC. 

Priv is an app that allows you to choose your service provider, and has recently added facials to its services. 

Cityswish is the London version. 

We wish everything we needed was available via a virtual concierge. 

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