Keep On Styling

Keep On Styling

 By Erica and Karen

We both celebrate birthdays around this time of year. And as always, birthdays make us think about what another year might mean. To our appearances.

Image is important to us, and to our cohort. We think that, as a group, we look pretty good. But we do need a bit of help. We’ve always tried to dress well, learning as we age how to emphasize the good and drape the droopy. And we have always done at least some exercise, and it seems we need more as we age. We have never been so good at makeup, but now we try harder. We even got some advice, and learned how to apply makeup strategically, smoothing over lines that would otherwise be a bit craggy. Some of us like our graying hair, some of us are grateful for the bottle, so we can channel Marilyn Monroe glam as we go platinum. We are even considering false eyelashes--we have friends who look amazing in them. We're not doing any of this to give us back the faces and bodies of our youth--hopeless anyway. We are doing it because we want to age stylishly. 

We decided to start a list of our conservators (excluding medical personnel). We will periodically publish updates. Do tell us about yours--and about any other ideas you have for styling retirement!  

James Vides (Hair). Marie Robinson Salon

Daniel Sanchez (Hair Color). Frederic Fekkai uptown

Sharon (all things skin). Dangene

Jermina (Hair). Tosler Davis Salon

Sonia (Hair Color). Tosler Davis Salon  

Ebenezer Eyelash - 212-967-1308

Sam (massage). Eastside Massage

Vincent Lee (trainer). The Wright Fit

Linda Mason--Makeup For Ageless Beauty


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